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 Killing viruses and severely wounding spam

Here at NJW Technical Services, Inc. one of our "pet peeves" is unsolicited commercial email (UCE) - otherwise known as "spam". It is a huge and annoying productivity drain on companies today. None of our clients want it, because it costs money for users to wade through their email to delete the trash. We certainly don't want it, because our servers are carrying the extra load of all that garbage. Typically we find that inbound email consists of approximately 50% "spam", with some users (usually management who don't have time to deal with it) receiving more than others.

To help protect our existing mail clients, we developed a mail filtering service which has proven highly effective for blocking "spam", as well as adding a layer of virus defense. The system has proven to be around 98% effective for "spam", and to date 100% effective for blocking known viruses. It adds no appreciable delay to inbound mail (typically less than a second).

Every night our system updates its virus definitions, and 24 hours a day, every message is analyzed for the telltale signatures of unwanted email and viruses. Feedback from our clients has been VERY positive.

We designed the filtering service to work with any domain, so we can now offer this service to any company with a unique domain (sorry - doesn't filter Hotmail, Earthlink and Yahoo accounts), regardless of who is hosting your email, and no matter where in the world you are. Even companies with their own email servers can use our filters with no software installation required! Quick and easy to implement, our system can begin filtering immediately, and within 24 hours all inbound email will pass through the mail filter. We are so certain that you will find this service worthwhile that we are offering a 30 day trial ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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